As an artist I need to show you the world I see, how I see it, how I feel it, the beauty we encounter everyday but tend to miss.
Looking is different to seeing. We spend our lives in this world moving around it looking but so few actually see. Ask someone you are with, “what have you seen today, what did you notice?” So often the reply is a blank face. How much have you remembered about what you have seen so far today?
I want you to see what I saw, I want you to feel what I felt. You may not like it, it may not fit with your world view but as long as it makes you think about the world around you and how you see it, I am happy.
I work in mixed media, either in my “studio” from sketches and sometimes photos at various scales. I also work outdoors, on location, en-plain-air, again in mixed media or plain pen and wash, working quickly to get onto the surface what I am feeling.
Please take a look at the gallery for examples of my work otherwise … The collections below show thumbnails and full details once expanded.
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